We worked with children to create new Craftkits for Creative's. Our design assignments are user-driven and creative.

We worked with grassroot innovators, engineers and NIF to design new, innovative products. Our design projects are collaborative and co-creative.

We designed a flashlight for Eveready giving it a new personality. New design brought new markets for the client.

We designed office products in bamboo for UNDP, making artisans earn a better livelihood. Our design projects bring positive change to society.

When the new Subhiksha showroom was re-designed, old materials were re-used.
Our design solutions are eco-friendly.

Bringing New Nuances to Design

January Design helps build better products and systems, irrespective of the size of business and the scale of manufacturing.
From hand-made furniture to high-capacity tractors, from visual identities to museum products, we revel in solving problems for businesses of all sizes, straddling several known design disciplines.

We believe in bringing new nuances to design — one that is people-centric, business-driven, eco-friendly and responsible.

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