Spread the Word: Design Awareness Workshop for Microscope manufacturing industries of Ambala

From time to time, we invest time and effort in spreading design awareness amongst people who matter. One such effort was done in Feb 2013 under the aegis of the MSME’ s Design Clinic scheme.

PHD Chamber of Commerce, commissioned us to do a study of the Biological Microscope manufacturing industries of Ambala, in the north of India.

The assignment was to study the industry cluster and show them the benefits of using design. We visited several industries, big and small and interviewed the people involved to understand the requirements.


This resulted in a ‘ Need Assessment Survey’ report. As a follow up, we did a 5-day awareness workshop to educate the industries on the benefits of using design. We also brought in design experts from different domains to pitch in.

This helped the higher cause of Design itself and help us in building and expand the design constituency.


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