Craft Kits for Kids

Creative Educational Aids

The objective of design project was to design and develop new products in the category of activity kits for children, that would help the MSME unit introduce a new product category in the market which would help them gain new markets in India and abroad.

On analysis of the buyers and users of children’s activity kits, it emerged that craft kits are bought for the girl child predominantly, and to keep the children engaged in a useful and educational activity.

New products were created to engage both the genders. They were both educational and engaging. They were designed for a prolonged play value, beyond the contents of the kits.

The new products of 6 new craft kits are able to create a new category of products for the MSME unit, which is both educational and entertaining for children. There were six kits, classified into three types:

Make & Learn: Kits that have an educational value and give knowledge along with activity value.

Make & Perform: Children use the kits to make things that trigger further activity in the form of performances.

Make & Celebrate: Kits that help children make decorative elements that can be used in popular celebrations and festivals.

This resulted in the design of six kits :

  • Kites of the world
  • Warrior Wigglies
  • Disguises
  • Roleplay
  • Lets celebrate Diwali
  • Lets celebrate Halloween
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