Fan Regulator

National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad

We worked with an elderly grassroot innovator in Siliguri who had
prototyped an idea for an automatic fan regulator.


The assignment was to make a commercially viable and potentially useful product that can be aesthetically appealing, technologically superior and user friendly.

The fan regulator was innovative, as it could adjust the speed automatically to suit ambient temperature in the room.

The product needed a nice form and shape that will help it blend with domestic and office interior environments. The parts had to be optimized for quality, size and use and should be safe and easy to assemble and dismantle.

The form of the product makes it highlight the innovation as an important part of the product. The design of the product and its detail also allows it to be sold as both an electrical installation or fitting and an on the shelf packaged electronic device.

The product is worked upon to enable ease of usage, convenience and safe operations.

The parts have been optimized for quality and size with technology simple enough for cost effective manufacturing and easy assembly.

Also the design allows the product to be mounted on an electrical panel or on the wall directly.

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