Multi-Purpose Food Processor

National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad

January Design was invited by the National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad to provide design intervention to a grassroot innovation by Mr Dharamvir Singh from Yamuna Nagar in Haryana, India. The product was a multifunctional food processor which can mix, blend, cook and distill a variety of raw food materials into processed goods.

The aim of the project was to use design intervention to make a commercially viable and potentially useful product that is aesthetically appealing, technologically superior, easy to produce and user-friendly.

A rigorous study of the present prototype was done. After observing and better understanding of the various factors affecting human working and interaction with the machine, issues related to use, aesthetics, safety, hygiene, cleanliness and ergonomics were highlighted. Concepts were developed to optimize the design for improved construction, ease of use and maintenance, making the product safer for the user and attractive for the buyer.

Two concepts were chosen for prototype development and testing the improved features, of which one was chosen for finalisation.

Improved Features

Optimized Design

The new design reinterprets the innovation so that the product looks better and performs optimally. The form and shape of the product was worked upon to make it more appealing to the end user and have an identifiable product character to it.

The product is more convenient to be operated by Indian demographics and is ergonomical to load, collect, dispense, maintain and clean compared to the original prototype. The technology used for fabrication and assembly are simple enough for quick manufacturing and transport.

Modular Construction

Functional modules and sub-assemblies are used which improves modularity and scalability of the product and also reduce cost and time of manufacturing.

Structural components and cladding are made to be light and strong which are powder coated to be safe in food-related environments. Parts have been optimized for quality and size which are ergonomical to operate and decrease wastage of materials. All sub-modules are mounted on a tubular chassis which helps in locating and fixing each part and helps in reducing the structural load on the container.

The choice of materials are according to the food and safety regulations. The main cooking and mixing chamber along with the oil jacket and condensers are made of high quality food-grade Stainless Steel.

Convenient & Ergonomical

The mixing/ cooking container is designed for optimal capacity and is inclined at an angle which helps improve churning and unloading of the processed material.

Waste collection was addressed with larger hatches which greatly improves ease of usage and cleaning for hygiene related issues.

The transparent bay window allows the raw material to be loaded without turning the machine off and reduces chances for spillage and throwbacks. Accessibility to the main processing chamber improves cleaning as well as repairing the insides. Panels are screwed into place and can be easily removed for service and maintenance.

By having a double walled container which also acts as an oil jacket improves the products thermal insulation retention by reducing the heat loss from the processing chamber to the environment. Stainless Steel screen keeps the processed material within the processing chamber from spilling into the unloading bay.

The product improve usability while unloading and is more accessible increasing functionality by having larger hatches.

New design of safety latches are easier and quicker to use and tightening mechanism seals the hatch completely. Cladding the oil jacket keeps the hot surface away from human contact making it safer to use.

Use of proper oil heater increases effectiveness and reduces heating time. The heater itself is housed in a separate unit which makes maintenance easy and convenient. Rubber padding are used at places where metal comes in contact with each other acting as noise and vibration dampeners. Motor mounted towards the bottom which helps balancing the weight and reducing noise and vibrations. Smaller drive shaft allows for greater variation in the type of cutting blade used. Electricals, wires and heating elements are enclosed in a body away from the user greatly improving safety. Wheels have been included for easier mobility of the product.

Cost Saving


In spite of all the improved features in the new product like quality, design,
safety, ergonomics, fabrication and processing ,the cost of manufacturing is still cheaper or same.

Improved Form & Aesthetics

Overall design of the product is well balanced visually and aesthetically. Branding and graphics increases product visibility and gives it an individual characteristic.

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